Monday, January 2, 2017

Following your interest

Not all of us are made for the Shakespeare's classics or the phenomenon of radioactive energy.We all have been created differently and I am sure differently blessed. Some of us maybe the one with the most beautiful voice and a strong sense of music while some of us May be a born dancer or an artist.
It's a vital necessity that we seek for the passion within us and pamper and practice it.
This will definitely add purpose to your life.
Here, I have listed some ways that you can find your light:

1.Be open and vulnerable with yourself.
2.Think about one thing that makes you happy
but is equally challenging.
3.Try consulting with your parents or a close person.
4.Re evaluate your life purpose and make a draft of your future.
5.Imagine yourself following your passion in the future and the impact you feel at the present.

With this simple steps, you may find your passion.
The next important step is to practice it.

Yes, we are students and we have a busy schedule. But amidst our study pressure and social media circle, we can empty some space in our life for the thing that rejuvenates us the most.

1. Distance yourself from the social media.
- by this I don't mean that you delete yourself from the social networking sites and go live in a island in some pacific region.
Stop scrolling down your news feed when you already looked through it all and stop stalking people.😁 Yes, it's difficult when it's about your crush or boyfriend but it is the best when you don't stalk and not make any assumptions regarding their instagram or facebook comments.

2.Find some 'me' time
-with this, some of you might complain that you have your SAT exams coming up and you have little or no time. But dude, you can actually wake up an hour earlier and indulge yourself in your passion. Some of the night owls can give sometime at the night. Trust me you will sleep with the most contended heart.
Of course there are weekends if you don't make any all day hangout plans.

3.Live the moment
-whether it's pressing the snooze button 10
times before you actually wake up or it's the boring chemistry or economics lecture you are attending, try to stay happy and hydrated with good vibes. This will actually help you Stay cheerful and help you pursue your passion with a vigor.

4.Read often
-one habit that everyone should have is to read often. You are what books you read .Make a list of books that you think think will actually stimulate your soul. Read it and you will find yourself more fulfilled.

5.Have a good circle
- now this is what the most important part. Vibes do not take a long time to transfer and transfigure. Being with the right people is always helpful. So, know your company and make the best use of it.

so...that's all! I hope you find your passion and practice it .
stay happy, stay productive!!😊